About Us



was founded in Grand Junction, December 2001. It formed out of a long childhood passion for video gaming and a yearning to understand what makes electronics work (more to the point, Video Game Systems). I grew up playing video games and tearing into every new system I received. Over the years, I have progressed with video gaming as the technology has become smaller and smaller. I created Rapid Fire Gaming as a “for gamer’s, by a gamer” repair- service company simply for YOU my comrade in gaming. I am a gamer and I would love to give YOU the best service you and your system deserve. Because gaming is and always will be my passion, I will never charge a diagnostics fee for anything I look at. I will also ALWAYS have MORE than competitive prices, I can beat any price that can even attempt to come close.

This is why Rapid Fire Gaming is the Primo, Grand Junction video game repair service provider for Western Colorado and Eastern Utah.

RapidFireGaming’s Vision

Our vision is to encompass the entire gaming world. From repair to design and production. There is a hidden gamer in all of us and we would love to bring them out in you! The other part of our vision is to keep gamer’s gaming at an affordable price. We know that with our dedication and service that we provide, we could charge more… But, Why? We are gamer’s ourselves and want to pass our services on to fellow gamer’s at an affordable price to keep you gaming.

RapidFireGaming Mission

Our Mission is to provide the best customer service and prices possible to our fellow gamer’s in the Grand Junction and eastern Utah ereas. We are dedicated to getting you back in the gaming world as soon as we can with the least down time possible. We would love to pass on our knowledge in the best way that we can, and that is getting you (the Gamer) back to what you do best; GAMING! Our game system repair in Grand Junction is priority and our mission is simple… LET’S GAME ON!

RapidFireGaming Team

Rapid Fire Gaming is a family of gamer’s. Our team is dedicated to providing the best service possible to YOU our customer. Our we have over 20+ years of knowledge to diagnose and repair your system in a professional and courteous manner. As new technology arrives on the shelves, you can guarantee that the Rapid Fire Gaming team will be tearing in to it so we can provide you with the best service and prices around.