iPad Mini Repair Grand Junction

Rapid Fire Gaming is Grand Junction’s one stop repair shop for all iPhone, iPod, iPad and iPad mini products.
Our rates are unmatched and our quality and service is impeccable.

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Grand Junction iPad Mini repair has over 25 years of electronics repair experience and it shows in the quality of work we produce.

iPad Mini repairs can cost a fortune in most mall, strip mall kiosks and other corner shops. The quality of the product may be the best. Just enough to get you out the door and off their minds once the money is in hand.

Our rates start at $35. This rate does not include ANY screen replacement for any iPod, iPhone, iPad or any other tablet or smartphone.

Not everyone can afford high repair rates products. While the market that is now saturated with popup iPhone repair hot spots, Grand Junction iPad Mini repair and Rapid Fire Gaming take pride in knowing that we offer very competitive pricing with service that is unmatched.

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Grand Junction iPad Mini repair has been repairing iPad’s since the first model was released in 2010.
We know our product and purchase only the highest quality iPhone parts direct from the manufacturer and pass our savings and quality on to our customers.

Let Grand Junction iPhone Repair and Rapid Fire Gaming help you get your iPad Mini back up and running again. We have thousands of repair hours behind us and we know how to treat your iPad Mini with the care that it deserves.

Grand Junction iPhone repair can repair most minor water damage iPhone’s and iPad’s as long as they were not turned on and we are contacted immediately.
Here are a few steps that you can attempt to try yourself.

  • Put your iPad in rice and cover thoroughly
  • You may have heard about the rice technique and wondered if it works. Well, I can tell you that it does. However, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO TURN YOUR DEVICE ON. You need to put the iPad in the rice and let it sit for about a week. The rice is dry and will absorb a lot of the moisture inside of the phone (IT WILL NOT REMOVE IT ALL). I have opened Devices up after a week and they were still wet inside. Your best bet is to let the iPhone or iPad sit for a month (if you can wait that long), then test it.

  • Blow out with air
  • If you have access to an air compressor, and have tools to take the back or the iPhone off, you may be able to save your iPadfrom water damage. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO TURN ON YOUR DEVICE. Once you have the cover off, remove any external components and lightly blow air across the board making sure you get the chip and the heat shrouds covering the other major components of your iPhone. (you may not be able to access the components in your ipad) You should be able to see the water beading and evaporating from the board. (I usually do this for about 5 minutes broken down into 4 major areas of the iPhone). Once you feel confident that your phone is dry, you can attempt to turn on your iPhone.

We are not responsible for any damage you may cause to your iPhone during using these processes above. If you are not confident to do the repair, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.