Playstation Repair

Grand Junction Playstation repair can help you get back to gaming.

With our years of repair experience, we can diagnose and repair many problems that arise with your Playstation.
Our technicians can repair the YLOD, USB Port Damage, HDMI replacements and more.

Lasers are a big problem with the Sony Playstation and the biggest problem with them are they go out after time. Unfortunately if the laser
goes out you are out of game playing (unless installed on the HDD).

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We can repair most Blu Ray laser issues, however there are a few that we cannot due to firmware glitches that cause the drive to not recognize the disc.

One big thing we try to explain to customers about their systems are to turn them off when not using them. These systems are designed to read the game, store cache about the game and play until it needs to read again. However, there are some instances where the game will play and read the disc during a paused game. In turn, this will damage the components on the laser control assembly.

Our diagnostics rate is “0”!
Repair rates start at $50 and the parts costs if necessary.

We have been repairing video game systems since 1988.
Let us help you get your system back to life and you back to gaming.
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We are located in Grand Junction Co. and we do take mail ins as well.
If you are going to mail your system, please call us so that we are
aware of the situation as we this will help us to better serve your repair needs.,-108.577093,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x3244c5c9dc6bcdb4?sa=X&ei=meE_VPTUJs-4ogTP2ILIBw&ved=0CH4Q_BIoADAN